Specialist journalism

It often requires a certain distance to the subject to write technical and specific correlations in a comprehensive manner. With our experience of many publications in the areas of image processing/photonics, mechanical engineering, economic subjects, photovoltaics and automobile distribution, we provide the necessary technical background and an eye on the reader’ benefit. This applies for specialist and technical articles, interviews, white papers, application reports, and more. Our well-founded media analysis of the relevant trade press and direct contact with the editors guarantees that articles are published where they are being read by your target group.

Public Relations – PR work

Daily editorial work is characterized by time pressure. Those who know which external content takes the least postprocessing efforts have a competitive advantage. Through the many years of press work for companies, associations and trade fair organizers, we deliver corporate communications to the point. Using our extensive press contacts we distribute press releases to the relevant multipliers.


Company brochures, industry studies, flyers, leporellos – what counts is the targeted approach to readers and customers. With our marketing backgrounds, we successfully implement such projects.